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  • Useful in Staged Migrations
  • Get Unified Search Results
  • Extend Business Connectivity Services
  • Connect to SAP with Duet Enterprise
  • Extensive Cloud and On-Premise Expertise

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Tap into the power of Hybrid SharePoint with Apps4rent

Apps4Rent, a leading Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, has over a decade of experience in managing both on-premises SharePoint and SharePoint cloud solutions from SharePoint 2003 onwards to SharePoint Online/Office 365. Apps4Rent has also assisted numerous customers in setting up hybrid SharePoint installations and thousands in migrating from on-premises to the Cloud. Apps4Rent has some of the best hybrid solutions experts in its support team, which is available to you 24 x 7 on phone, live chat, and email at no extra cost.

Allow us to help you get the best of both worlds – SharePoint Online and On-premises SharePoint – by integrating them and unifying their powerful functionalities and data accesses to maximize your productivity. Right from gathering your requirements for hybrid, to configuring and integrating the final solution, we will be with you all the way. We are proven leaders in setting up one-way outbound, one-way inbound, and two-way hybrid solutions to best suit our customers’ needs.

Combine SharePoint Online and On-Premises SharePoint

Hybrid functionality of SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises allows you to integrate SharePoint Search, Business Connectivity Services, Duet Enterprise Online, and many other features to extend your on-premises productivity to the cloud. While SharePoint Online may seem to be a total cloud alternative to on-premises SharePoint, many businesses see wisdom in using both versions by deploying certain solutions in the cloud and retaining the on-premises SharePoint as well. Besides, the hybrid solution also becomes the first and most critical step in systematically moving workloads in a staged SharePoint migration from on-premises to the cloud.


SharePoint Online Plan
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On-Premises SharePoint Plan
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Unified Search

Unified Search Across On-premise and Online

Hybrid environments enable secure access to data from both the sources and help the users to maximize their search across the content contained in the cloud as well as on-premises. The search can be configured to allow only on-premise, only online, or both type of users to do the search.

Benefits of the Hybrid Leverage

Enjoy the Benefits of the Hybrid Leverage

With an Online and on-premises hybrid, you are able to efficiently leverage the potential of both SharePoint systems as well as get easy access to both. This helps you to integrate the business services and improve the productivity by being able to use all the business applications and data from any location.

Best Business Options

Put Together the Best Business Options

Hybrid SharePoint enables you to evaluate your business needs and choose the right solution to reduce complexity, improve efficiency, and also lower the costs. For example, you can retain sensitive data on-premise, have a hosted extranet for vendors, and keep an off-site disaster recovery on the cloud.

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity Applications and SAP Access

A trusted communications framework between your SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2013 on-premises can integrate and leverage your Business Connectivity Services (BCS) solutions as well as SAP applications by connecting to the on-premises data sources and expanding them to the cloud.

 Great User Experience

Provide a Great User Experience to Your Team

Allow your users to conveniently log-in to both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises with a single log-in credential. The Hybrid environment also gives you the granular management control to differentiate the log-ins and prompt for separate credentials for online and on-premises.

Accounts Synchronized

Get All Your User Accounts Synchronized

No need to maintain different directory services for user accounts across the SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online. You can synchronize the Hybrid SharePoint user accounts by using the Active Directory sync feature and create new users’ as well as manage existing users’ accounts easily.

Why Choose Us for Your Hybrid SharePoint

Setting up a Hybrid SharePoint requires specific expertise and knowledgeable experience across several Microsoft products like SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, Office 365, Exchange, OneDrive, and more. From Fortune 500 companies to small and medium businesses to individual professionals, over 10,000 customers from more than 50 countries trust and rely on our expertise and 24 x 7 x 365 support.

  • Technical guidance, recommendations, and total end-user support right from design to deployment
  • Decades of expertise across early adoptions to staged migrations to custom-built hybrid solutions
  • Teams of Microsoft-certified engineers that will smoothly transition you to a hybrid SharePoint solution
  • Proven processes based on tens of thousands of SharePoint installations and support in place
  • Free end-user support, 24 x 7 through phone, live chat, and email from experts in on-premise/cloud

Get the combined benefit of on-premises productivity and cloud collaboration with the Hybrid SharePoint.