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Make Free Online Calendars with SharePoint

Online calendars help groups and individuals to manage their time better. Our free SharePoint sites come with powerful calendar features that make your life easy. So sign up for a free SharePoint today! Store, manage, and share multiple calendars online. Connect the SharePoint calendars with Microsoft Outlook. Be organized and be on time for every single meeting or appointment of yours.

Create Custom Calendars Online

Apps4Rent offers free hosted SharePoint Foundation 2013 site where you can create, store, manage, and share your calendars online at one central place. You can schedule events and appointments, sync your online calendar with Outlook and easily share it with people. You can email calendar copies on automatic schedules, export it to Excel sheet, and do more with SharePoint calendars.

manage your schedules

Easy Online Calendar Maker

We understand how busy you are. We know how important it is for you to remember all vital meetings, events, and other professional and personal commitments. To manage your busy schedules efficiently, we offer you free SharePoint. SharePoint helps you create your online calendar in just a few quick and easy steps.

manage activities

Multiple Shared Group Calendars

Create, manage, and share schedules of individual teams by creating multiple group calendars for each team — Sales, HR, Marketing, Administration, Operations, Accounts, to name a few— within your organization. Track and share project deadlines, meetings, events, seminars, conference call schedules, and more at one location.

multiple view options

Manage with Multiple Views

With SharePoint, you can manage calendar in month, day or week format, or choose any other custom views such as standard view to show more number of events listed in the same screen space. Choose Gantt view to track projects, standard view for recurring events, and data sheet view if you desire to have an excel view.

connect with MS Outlook

Sync with MS Outlook

If you spend a lot of time on Microsoft Outlook but store data in SharePoint, then you might want to connect your SharePoint content with Outlook. You can connect a SharePoint calendar, library, contact list, or other type of lists with Outlook.

many to one

Have Calendar Overlays

Going through multiple calendars can be confusing and tad difficult. However, with our offering you could combine different calendars into one calendar and get a single view of all the events. These different calendars can be color coded.

alerts on updates

Get Automatic Reminders

Set automatic reminders. Get alerts on any changes or updates in the calendar. SharePoint offers you the ability to send an alert to your e-mail address when anything is added or changed or updated in the calendar by any of the users.

Let your calendars be secure in the cloud. Choose the right cloud calendar SharePoint solution from us. Get easy access to your online calendar site using numerous devices at any time. Enjoy the cloud calendar experience and make sure that there is not a single appointment that you miss.

Five Ways to Benefit from Your Online Calendar Software Solution

  • View Meetings and Appointments:

    View important meetings, appointments, deadlines, and milestones on a common calendar.

  • Share Events Calendar with your Customers:

    Keep customers informed of working hours on particular days, holidays and special events.

  • Monitor Employee Vacation Schedules:

    Plan and manage staff presence better by monitoring leave, vacation and work schedules.

  • Make a Family Calendar:

    Have a properly balanced work and family life by coordinating work and family calendars

  • Resources Reservation Calendar:

    Use a transparent calendar to manage availability of company vehicles, conference rooms etc.

Online Calendar Features

  • Access with any web browser:

    Manage and view the calendar from any internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • No software or hardware to install:

    Works out of the box with any computer operating system, be it Windows, Mac or Linux.

  • Website integration:

    SharePoint calendars can be tapped of their full potential by integrating them with websites.

  • No website required:

    Can also be used as a fully-functional stand-alone calendar accessible by using a web browser.

  • Fully customizable:

    Match website colors, logo images and styles.

  • Interactive database:

    Instantly updates all calendar views, world-wide to do away with the hassle of individual updates.

  • Multiple uses:

    Can be used for websites, intranets, individuals, and teams in single, multiple and remote locations.

  • Software as a Service:

    Offered as a Saas, the calendars are easy to set up, with no servers or software installs needed to run.

Integrate and Customize

  • Calendar colors:

    Choose from theme gallery or match your website colors exactly.

  • Calendar headline:

    Design heading and sub-heading colors, text and links to web pages.

  • Logo Images:

    Upload your organization logo images, set hot links to any page.

  • Color coded legend:

    Easily pick out events based on colors in any calendar category.

  • Date and time display:

    Set time zone, date and time display, default views and event times.

  • Email designer:

    Customize colors and image for email reminders for each category.

  • Holidays:

    Choose from national or religious holidays, display Hebrew dates.

  • Custom button:

    Add custom button leading to any page, document or email address.

Website Calendar Widgets

  • Full Calendar:

    Easily link or iframe your online calendar in any menu or web page.

  • Mini Calendar:

    Ideal for home pages with popup detail of daily activities.

  • Upcoming Events List:

    Scrollable list of your organization’s upcoming events.

  • Suggest An Event:

    Let your website visitors submit events for approval.

  • Search Widget:

    Customizable search allows visitors find events of interest.

  • Website URL Wizard:

    Use the wizard to integrate your online calendar into your site.

  • Themes/Skins:

    Customize all widgets to match a webpage’s colors and event categories.

  • Copy and Paste Code:

    Easy integration of your calendar with your Web Page in minutes.

Multi-level Administration

  • Admin menu:

    Control panel layout for easy navigation with options clearly organized.

  • Multi-level administration:

    Assign multiple administrators and category managers to share the work.

  • Multi-level category security:

    Public view and Password Protected calendars with different access rights.

  • Customization Options:

    Match any website colors, upload logos, set time zones, default times, and more.

  • Webmaster Tools:

    Use tools to make the integration of online calendar with your Web Page easy.

  • Data Conversion Tools:

    Import events and user contacts from Outlook and other programs.

  • Track Changes:

    Keep a record of who adds/edits/deletes events with date and time stamps.

  • Automatic program updates:

    We manage the SharePoint servers – letting you concentrate on your business.

Calendar Users and Visitors

  • Unlimited Visitors:

    No limit to the number of visitors viewing public events.

  • Secure user accounts:

    Password protected user accounts for private events.

  • User Groups:

    Create user groups for one-click list selection for reminders and emails.

  • Flexible permissions:

    Control who can view/update – one person, executive/admin pairs, whole teams, etc.

  • Calendar Feeds:

    iCal and RSS feeds into user’s Facebook and other social media programs.

  • Import User Information:

    Import contact data from Outlook and other programs without re-entering.

Public and Private Views

  • Public categories:

    Inform your website visitors of upcoming events.

  • Logged in private categories:

    Password protect private events and schedules.

  • Users add/edit own events:

    Let users add/edit own events but not those of other users.

  • Global category edits:

    Apply changes to category name, font, color, legend to all events in category.

  • Color coded legend:

    Make it easy to pick out events in a category.

  • Category styles:

    Set text styles and colors for different categories.

  • Category chooser:

    View all or any combination of category events.

  • Default views:

    Select specific categories for viewing on different website pages.

Powerful Event Editor

  • Event title styling:

    Make featured events stand out with font styles and colors.

  • Event time options:

    Set default time, military time, all day and no end time.

  • Category assignment:

    One-click category selection to save time and effort.

  • Repeating events:

    Save time entering complex repeating events.

  • Single occurrence edit:

    Tweak repeating series for special situations.

  • Up to 6000 character description:

    Give users the full agenda or detailed event description.

  • Saved locations:

    One-click reusable location selection with details, directions, maps and weather.

  • More info link:

    Point to web page, forms, pdf document and other web resources for more info.

  • Private notes:

    Great for internal information not to be viewed by public.

  • Draft events:

    Hide work in progress from public view.

Automatic Reminders

  • Automatic scheduled reminders:

    You set the time for email delivery, let SharePoint complete the job.

  • Select users to receive:

    Select individuals or whole groups to receive reminders.

  • Email Designer:

    Customize your email template to your organizations colors, logo and message.

  • Visitor reminders:

    Public visitors set their own reminders via event popup.

  • Email event to friend:

    Increase your viral event marketing with easy forwarding of events.

Resource Scheduling

  • Set any category or location to not allow conflicts:

    Makes sure a given facility, person or resource is not double booked.

  • Filter views by location and / or category:

    At a glance view of what’s going on in a given facility.

  • Allows draft events:

    Use place-holders to avoid time loss in re-entering for conflicting events

  • Graphical conflict display:

    Quickly see where conflicts appear with quick links to resolve conflicts.

  • Option to allow users to add/edit own booking:

    Self-service reservations eliminate middle-person time, effort and delay.

  • Ignore past events:

    Clear the clutter dealing with past event conflicts.

Smart Phone Access

  • Mobile browser interface:

    No hassles of sync software and cables.

  • Mini-calendar, list and detailed event views:

    Simply touch to view, edit, or add events in Online calendar.

  • Repeating events and reminders:

    One-click category selection.

  • Repeating events:

    Email a friend or set reminders for events.

  • Secure login/remember me:

    Same login as the desktop version.

  • Immediate update to all calendar users and views:

    With an online calendar, you never worry if you are out of ‘sync.’

  • Compatible With All Devices:

    Works with iPhone, Android Microsoft and Blackberry devices.


  • Import Events:

    Import from Outlook, Excel, and other programs.

  • Export Events:

    Use Export to backup calendar events to your local computer.

  • Instant Update:

    Online calendar changes are immediately available to all feeds.

Backup and Reliability

  • Reliability:

    99.9% uptime, 24/7 monitoring.

  • Security:

    Data center protected by two-factor authentication barriers.

  • Data center:

    Certified by an independent auditor to be SAS 70 Type II compliant.

  • Environment:

    Complete redundancy in data center power, heating, ventilation and A/C.

  • Safety:

    Advanced fire suppression systems.

Get started today! Take advantage of a free online calendar site with SharePoint to make work and life better managed.