• Save and Manage Contacts Online
  • Add/modify Contacts via Browser
  • Synchronize Contacts with Outlook
  • Create Multiple Contact Categories
  • Use Multiple Filters on Contacts

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Free Online Contact Management

Keep your important contacts at your fingertip. Manage your business and personal contacts online at a central location. Access your contacts from anywhere and share them online with people. Synchronize your contacts with Microsoft Outlook. Create Workflows for your contacts and do more with our free SharePoint online contact management tool.

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Apps4Rent offers free hosted SharePoint Foundation 2013 site, a central place to create, store, manage, and share your contacts online. You can create multiple contact categories, and filter contacts based on different fields such as Zip Code, State, Department, or Country. You can also create, view, and monitor tasks for contacts with the online contact manager.

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Manage Contacts Online

Having your contacts online means never having to lose it and waste time searching for it; you can store, sort, and bring up your contacts easily in your online SharePoint site.

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Create Multiple Categories

Sort your contacts into different categories/groups based on roles. For instance, create separate lists for Sales, Marketing, and HR and share contacts from one team with others.

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Update contacts via Browser

Login to your SharePoint to make online changes to the contacts list via any browser. All changes made will get reflected in real time at different locations such as in Outlook.

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Organize Data by Contact

Keep files, notes, emails, and documents organized by contact and track interactions. Every Contact has a dedicated page for adding notes and comments and even attaching a file.

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Synchronize with Outlook

Connecting your SharePoint contact list to Outlook will import and export all contacts in SharePoint and vice versa. It will also help you print a Contact using the context menu.

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Filter using Different Fields

Contacts in SharePoint sites can be filtered using various filters. For example, you can use location markers such as Zip Code, State, Department, Country, or any other field as filters.

Online Contact Management Features

Your contacts are safe and secure in our cloud SharePoint environment. Our cloud environment allows you to securely access your contacts database from anywhere, at any time, using any device. Along with security, SharePoint offers several functionalities that make online contact management a breeze for you.
Go beyond just using SharePoint contact management for maintaining a list, and put it into much better use: it can even remind you about a business lead that hasn’t been contacted in, say, 10 days. Or it could bring up a custom-display form with a lookup that tells you the tasks associated with a particular contact. The possibilities are quite a few, and here are some productive contact management features that will help you get more out of SharePoint:

  • Create a universal Address Book
  • Assign specific permissions
  • Specify roles for contacts
  • Integrate tasks and contacts
  • Monitor progress of tasks
  • Create Workflows for contacts
  • Add notes and files to contacts
  • Remove duplicate contacts
  • Quick search for contacts
  • Create custom search fields
  • Create Contact Us forms
  • Download contacts as vCard
  • Import/export for Excel, Access
  • Alerts for contact changes

Get started today! Take advantage of the free SharePoint site with apps to improve your group’s efficiency.