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Share Files Online For Free

SharePoint allows you to share your documents and files online in a safe and secure environment. You can share information from anywhere, using any device. You can set granular permissions for online file sharing and keep old versions safe and intact for future reference. Keep your data backed up and ready for recovery at any time. SharePoint does all this for you without you spending a dime for it. Sign up for free SharePoint right away!

Share Files from Anywhere at Anytime with Any Device

Apps4Rent offers free hosted SharePoint Foundation 2013 sites where you can create a document library to upload and securely share files at one central place. No more file size restrains that you usually face while sharing as email attachments. Users can access the shard documents using just a web browser. Going beyond online file sharing, you can also share your calendar with people to schedule events and appointments. The calendar can be synchronized with Outlook and copies easily emailed on an automatic schedule you pick.

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Access Files Anywhere

Users can easily upload files from any computer or device. All that the user needs to access files is just a web browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Files can be shared securely with a user ID and password, or can be openly shared for public access.

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Granular File Permissions

SharePoint allows you to set granular permissions up to file level. You can also micro-manage the permissions for files and folders at user level or group level. Enjoy complete freedom to assign secure permissions backed by SSAE16 certified data centers.

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Drag and Drop your Files

Do away with the hassles of navigating the files from your computer folders to the browser. Files can easily be shared by using the drag and drop feature in SharePoint. Just drag the folder or files from the local computer or desktop to the SharePoint site to upload them.

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Sync with MS Outlook

Synchronize your SharePoint document library to your Outlook to check the files easily from within your mail client. The synchronization is real time and changes carried out in the document library get automatically synchronized in the Outlook and vice-versa.

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Workflows for Tasks

Simplify repeated tasks by creating workflows or simple rules. SharePoint Foundation supports up to three levels of automation and can have three states for workflows. Customized SharePoint workflows can involve more than three users or approver levels.

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Record Document Versioning

Maintain previous versions of files for reference and quickly move back to any older versions if the situation demands. Users can check out files from the document library, edit, and check them back as a higher version or as corrections made to the same version.

Manage and Share Files Online for Free

Share your confidential documents and files securely through the cloud with encrypted transmissions. Create, upload, and manage documents in a perfectly organized manner. Share and manage your data in a completely safe environment in SSAE16-certified US data centers. Choose the right cloud document management SharePoint solution for the perfect online file sharing.

  • Track files and get alerts:

    You can enable alerts for file are uploads and modifications.

  • Fast and robust search:

    SharePoint offers you the ability to search texts within files and PDFs.

  • Send files with e-mails:

    Shared files in e-mails are automatically available in Document Library.

Get started today! Enjoy the best online file sharing experience for free of cost.