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Online Discussion Boards

Now engage with your associates, team mates, students, members of your organization quickly and easily. Quickly discuss and find solutions sitting anywhere in the world. Start online discussions on a free SharePoint site.

Create Discussions Online in a Secured Environment

Apps4Rent offers you free hosted SharePoint Foundation 2013 site where you can create new discussions online, manage multiple discussions at a central location, create permissions for the members participating in the discussions, search for past discussions held and do more. Sign up for a free SharePoint site with CloudAppsPortal and start your discussions online in a secure cloud environment.

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Start Discussions quickly

Starting an online discussion is quick and easy in a SharePoint site. You can invite people to participate in the discussion from anywhere, any time – using just a browser.

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Create Appropriate Permissions

As the SharePoint site admin, you can set up discussions, invite people, and also decide the appropriate levels of access permissions for the participants’ group.

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Search for Old Discussions

You can search for content from old discussions. You can sort through discussion content from last 10 days to track and manage the agendas and decisions taken.

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Create Multiple Discussions

In a SharePoint site, you can start as many discussions as you want with no number limit. Proves ideal for multi-tasking scenarios, with different discussion panels.

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Use any Modern Browsers

You can start discussions in a SharePoint site using any modern browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

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Anonymous User Discussions

Enable other users to add news or create discussions by giving appropriate permissions. You can allow an anonymous user to add, edit, and view items as you want.

Why Choose Hosted SharePoint to Create Online Discussion Boards?

Carry out discussions or create Newsboards in a safe SharePoint environment. Make discussions possible for groups of people from any corner of the world using any device. Track back your discussions easily. Give appropriate permissions to users to access and view your discussions. Avoid security threat. Sign up for a free SharePoint with us. Enjoy the complete cloud experience.

  • Publish content quickly

  • Multiple language support

  • Create role-based access

  • Create user-based access

  • Search past discussions

  • Display category-wise

  • Display only last X Days

  • Order by created date

  • Order by published date

  • Order by article title

  • Order by article ID

  • Order by author ID

  • Order at random

  • Order ascending/descending

Sign up for a free SharePoint site now and quickly set up your discussion boards in a secured cloud environment. Our SharePoint online solutions are scalable as per your requirements. These flexible solutions give you the total control to add or remove users as you decide.

Get started today! Take advantage of the free SharePoint site and its online discussion capabilities and make knowledge management work for you.