Hosted/Shared vs. Dedicated SharePoint

One of the benefits that the shared plan gives you is the low cost. As the resources are shared among multiple tenants, the pricing goes down considerably. In fact, we offer shared plans with all the features of the respective SharePoint at a fraction of the cost as compared to the dedicated or similar plans from other competitors in

SharePoint hosting services.

In a shared plan, system/central administration is handled by the hosting provider and hence, users who would rather let someone else handle the administration prefer such a plan. While almost all applications intended for a standard web server will function with shared hosting, the usage limits will be preset. Adding custom third-party Web Parts is supported by shared plan, as long as it does not require access to the STSADM command/PowerShell or the server to install the Web Parts or templates. Office and Outlook integration, documents sharing, wikis, blogs and knowledge base are available; having multiple domains for SharePoint is optional under the shared plan of our SharePoint hosting services.


However, if there is a need for more control or doing software development over and above what is supported by the SharePoint web hosting provider, the dedicated plan is the right choice. With a dedicated SharePoint plan, you get the complete freedom of deploying custom Web Parts, templates and your own solutions at the web application level via the central administration of your SharePoint site. For example, many Web Parts from third-party providers need changes on the server side. In dedicated plans, you can register DLLs, modify the web.config file and get access the command line where you can run your PowerShell commands or STSADM commands.

You can choose to integrate your local Active Directory server in order to implement Microsoft single sign-on service. Your local Active Directory services and your Active Directory server located in our data center will be in sync. You get a dedicated installation of your SharePoint environment along with access to your dedicated SQL database instance. Dedicated plan also provides you SQL reporting and terminal services, as well as access to FTP and web applications.

In terms of security, both shared and dedicated plans in SharePoint web hosting are truly equal in all respects. Some businesses do consider a dedicated plan as an added precaution or for meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

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In case you decide to start with a shared plan, understand the best fit for your current and future business needs and later consider upgrading to dedicated, we will do the same free of cost. Moreover, if you are currently with another provider on shared basis and wish to migrate to a paid plan with us, we will help you with the same at no cost to you.

SharePoint hosting, free for you – with all the functionalities of paid plans

As leading hosted SharePoint providers, we encourage people to explore and adopt SharePoint technology. Hence, we give away free SharePoint sites for life; each of them is a fully-functional SharePoint 2013 site, and comes with no charges whatsoever.