How to make a SharePoint blog private or public

You can choose to keep your SharePoint site private- or public-facing as per your wish. The steps to do it are very easy and quick. In order to make your SharePoint blog public-facing, do the following:

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1) Go to Site Settings under the gear icon in your SharePoint blog page.

Making Site Public screen 1

2) Go to site permissions under Users and Permissions within the site settings page.

Making Site Public screen 2

3) Go to Anonymous Access option under the Permissions tab as shown:

Making Site Public Screen 3

  • 4) A box will pop up, where in you have to do the following: If you wish to give access to Entire Web site, check the Entire website box. If you wish to give access to only a particular section of your blog, then choose Lists and libraries. If you don’t wish to give access, check Nothing. Click OK.

Making Site public screen 4

Once this is done, your site will be Public or Private as per the option you chose.