How to install templates on a SharePoint site?

You can think of a site template as a kind of blueprint for your SharePoint site – once you create a site template, you can capture and easily apply all the customizations that you have made to other environments as well. You can also quickly create fresh sites based on such templates.

Procedure to install templates on a SharePoint site:

  1. Please ensure the following.
    1. The extension is in the STP format.
    2. Template does not need a server side modification.
    3. The template should also not have a webpart which needs to be installed from the server side.

    NOTE: You cannot install .WSP file directly from SharePoint.

  2. Please login as a Site Administrator.
  3. Click on Site Action and the Site Settings.
  4. Select Site Templates located under Galleries option.
  5. Upload the Site template.

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