How to create an online discussion board in SharePoint?

SharePoint discussion boards show the most recent discussion first, along with the number of replies/interactions for each discussion, which can be further customized. Discussions with the most recent interaction as well as the ones which are most popular can thus be easily identified.

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1) First go to the SharePoint site where you want to begin with your online discussions.

start discussions -1 (1)

2) Go to Site Contents under the Settings gear on the top right-hand corner of the page.

start online discussions 2

3) Further, select add an app option.

start discussions 3

4) Select Discussion Board app from the app store.

start discussions 4

5) Name your discussion board as you want and click on Create.

Start discussions 5

6) Your discussion board will be created where you can start new discussions.

start discussions 6

7) Your discussion board will have a subject line, a text body. You can add your discussion point here and click on the save option.

start discussions 7

8) Your discussions will appear as shown below:

start discussions 8

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