Drag and Drop Files in SharePoint

Forget the pain of uploading the files from your local computer to the browser. Files can easily be shared by using the drag and drop feature in SharePoint 2013. Just drag the folder or files from the local computer or desktop and drop it to the SharePoint site and vice versa.

The new SharePoint 2013 version offers you the drag and drop functionality which was not available in its earlier versions.

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Drag and Drop a File

In order to drag and drop a file, you just have to keep the cursor on the file that you want to drag and pull it in to the SharePoint site and vice versa.

The following file has been dragged from my desktop and dropped into the SharePoint site.

The following is the file that was dragged and dropped.

Drag and Drop Folders

Similarly, you can drag a file from your SharePoint site and drop it to your desktop or other folders in the same way.

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