Scheduled Maintenance

To provide you with the best of services, we routinely perform scheduled maintenance on different environments/ servers in phases.

During these routine maintenance tasks; Apps4Rent’s engineering team proactively perform tasks like applying patches; upgrading software’s/applications; adding or modifying various network elements; or upgrading/replacing server hardware. Due to the nature of our various environments most of these tasks are seamless from users perspective and have no effect on our services. However, in some rare cases; while these tasks are being performed; some of our customers might experience intermittent connection issues with some services. At times, we may have to reboot the base machine on which our Virtual Dedicated Servers; Dedicated SharePoint Servers; Dedicated Exchange Servers; SharePoint Flex Servers; VDS; Hosted Desktop and other instances are running. In such a scenario; your respective servers would also go through a reboot cycle.
As these are routine tasks for different servers and environments not all our customers or service are affected.
The weekly maintenance tasks are scheduled to be carried out on late nights of every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The weekly maintenance schedule window is for 4 hours and they begin at 11:00 PM Eastern. The maintenance window is not counted for SLA as these are already scheduled tasks by default.