Business intelligence features in SharePoint

SharePoint business intelligence features such as creating dashboards, workbooks and so on are a part of SharePoint 2013 Enterprise offering. The business intelligence SharePoint center in Enterprise edition enables you to store data connections, workbooks, reports, scorecards, and dashboards in a central, secure location. Accordingly, you will need to go for our Flex/Semi Dedicated SharePoint Server 2013 offering.

Using SharePoint for business intelligence does not need much training

With the Flex Server you get full access to the central admin and front end of the SharePoint server. You will also get administrator access to the SharePoint server. You will be able to make server-wide changes to the server and install your own solutions. As indicated, you will also be able to use the BI features. All of these do not require you to have much of

SharePoint business intelligence


Under the Flex plan, the database server that you get will be a shared one. However, the Flex plan can easily be scaled to a full-fledged Dedicated SharePoint 2013 Enterprise environment. In our Dedicated SharePoint 2013 Enterprise, you will get a dedicated database instance, along with full access to the server as an administrator and access to central admin.

Apart from the above, there is a host of other features that come with our Flex Dedicated and Dedicated plans. Explore Flex Dedicated SharePoint 2013 here and Dedicated SharePoint 2013 Enterprise here.