A plan that is suitable for development of SharePoint Web Parts

As a developer of any

SharePoint Web Part

, you will be wanting to install your own application, make changes to the web.config file, and deploy your own solutions. You will also be needing full access to the front end server as an administrator, along with full access to the central administration of SharePoint. So the best-suited plan for SharePoint development, in terms of functionality and cost, would be the Flex Dedicated SharePoint plan. This plan gives you a dedicated front end server, along with a shared database server.

Some of the Flex Dedicated plan features that help you develop a SharePoint Web Part

SharePoint 2013 developer features

  • AD integration, third-party Web Parts installation, unlimited sub-sites, email-enabled sites, unique IP and instant scalability for RAM and storage
  • Server Access – remote desktop, FTP access, SSL firewall, and SAS 70 data center

Server support and management

  • 24 x 7 support through email, chat and phone, server administration, server monitoring, weekly backup and migration assistance

Apart from the above, there is a host of other benefits that comes with our Flex Dedicated Plan and you can read about them here.