Services for on-premise SharePoint infrastructure

Apps4Rent can manage and monitor your On-premise SharePoint Server environment on a 24 X 7 basis. These on-premise environments can be in your datacenter or from a third party cloud service provider. We have managed SharePoint environments right from WSS 3.0 to the latest – SharePoint 2013; from single server environments to multiple servers or complex environments with failovers. Our flexible on-premise SharePoint Server management plans allow you to use your existing SharePoint licenses or use our SharePoint Server licenses on the server which are managed by us. We have deep expertise in upgrading and migrating your current SharePoint environment too.

Remote Management of SharePoint Servers

We have the ability to remotely manage your SharePoint Server environments located at your datacenter; on-premise or in a cloud solution like Amazon Cloud; Azure or others. With our flexible offering you could choose either a single server environment or clustered farm based environments with or without failovers. We can configure and manage different version of SharePoint Server environments right from WSS 3.0 to the latest.

Managed Services for SharePoint Implementations

  • 24 X 7 monitoring of SharePoint servers and essential services of servers and devices.
  • In case of farm environment, 24 X 7 monitoring of SharePoint servers/database servers/application servers and essential services.
  • Optional use of our Windows/SharePoint Server/MS SQL licenses via Microsoft SPLA licensing program.
  • Installing SharePoint apps/solutions based on requests.
  • Monitoring of critical parameters-both-hardware and software.
  • 24 X 7 Helpdesk services with 24 X 7 support via phone/chat and e-mail.
  • Management of SharePoint farms.
  • Management of database servers.
  • Acting to alerts received by our monitoring services.
  • Patch upgrades and installations.
  • Backup Management. (Onsite/Offsite)
  • Reviewing Server and Application logs for errors and recommending fixes.
  • Reviewing critical parameters by looking at historical graphs and analyzing trends.
  • Running health checks and recommendations. Choose the frequency-Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly.
  • SharePoint server setup, installation and configuration of servers.
  • Firewall setup/management/monitoring both hardware and software firewall.
  • ADFS setup and Management.
  • Application support by complementing third party application support services.


Use Our Licenses

At times, purchasing Windows or SharePoint licenses can be an expensive and daunting task. This is due to the fact that there is more than one component which needs to be licensed. We provide Microsoft licenses via SPLA agreement. Organizations using our on-premise SharePoint Server management plans can use our licenses. This arrangement can reduce your upfront cost significantly. This will also allow you to focus on your core business and not be bothered by license management.

  • Transparent pricing. Use your licenses or rent our licenses at an additional cost via Microsoft SPLA license.
  • We can provide you with Microsoft Windows Server; Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft MS SQL server licenses on a monthly subscription basis.
  • Licenses apply only to servers we manage on premise or in the Cloud.
  • Avoid upfront costs for software.
  • Get competitive prices.
  • Avoid guessing what your month to month needs are.
  • Cancel or add licenses as and when you need them.