Why Upgrade

Claim Your Space

SharePoint being a great collaborative platform, chances are you will soon be running out of the 50 MB space that you get with our trial offering. For as little as $8.95 per month, you can upgrade your SharePoint site to 1 GB of space.  Once you upgrade to a paid offering, you and your team can share more files and collaborate a lot more.

Get Live Support 24 x 7

SharePoint is a very versatile technology that may hold the answers to a lot of your day-to-day business challenges.  Unlock its full potential with free support from our SharePoint experts 24 x 7 via phone/chat and e-mail.  Upgrade to any of our paid plans and get our support team to answer your simplest of questions or work towards building a complicated business solution to your problem.  Either way it is free and available 24 x 7.

Use Own Domain Name

Your free SharePoint site has an unusually long URL with our branding attached.  Use your own domain name to personalize and reflect your own brand.  You could have your website somewhere else, while the same domain can have your SharePoint site hosted with us.  When you use your own domain, you can add users with your domain. Result, your users do not have to remember long SharePoint URLs or usernames.

Make Your Site More Secure

Upgrade to the lowest plan to make your SharePoint site more secure – for a small additional fee, you can add an SSL to your site.  Banking sites and banking transactions involve the use of SSL, and you will get the same level of encryption for all connections between the users and your SharePoint site, with the SSL add-on.

Use InfoPath Forms

Surveys are a great way to collect information and they can be easily deployed to your free SharePoint Foundation site. But if you need to save professional and business-oriented data to a SharePoint List, you would need to use InfoPath Forms Service, which is a part of Hosted SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise.  Create forms without the help of a programmer, develop forms with InfoPath, and use Forms Service to host them within the browser.

Use Excel Services/BI features/Dashboard with Graphs 

Some features like Excel Services, Business Intelligence, Dashboards with graphs and others are available in SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise.  These features work with our Flex (Semi) Dedicated SharePoint Server 2013 plan. With the Flex plan, you get full access to the Central Admin and Front-end, as well as administrator access to the SharePoint server. You will be able to make server-wide changes and install your own solutions. Moreover, you will also be able to use the BI features.

Integrate Local Active Directory with SharePoint Site

Integrating local Active Directory will allow your users to sign-in using their local domain credentials.  Also, if the password is changed on your local Active Directory, the change automatically syncs to the Active Directory on our side.  All this means less work for the IT and users not needing to remember multiple credentials.  These features are available with our Flex (Semi) Dedicated SharePoint servers at a fraction of the cost when compared to Dedicated Servers.  Our Flex (Semi) Dedicated SharePoint servers are fully managed.

Create Custom Workflows with Multiple States/Stages

SharePoint Foundation 2013 comes with a three-state workflow, which helps simplify your day-to-day tasks and automate them.  However, in certain cases, you may need to design custom workflows that have more than three states.  You could do this with our Hosted SharePoint Server 2013 Standard or Enterprise offerings.  Our SharePoint Server 2013 Standard plans start at $24.95 per month and include 2 users.

Install Custom Applications

If you are looking to install custom applications, you will need to go for our Flex (Semi) Dedicated SharePoint Server offerings.  These are well-priced plans and come at a fraction of the cost when compared to Dedicated Server plans.  Our Flex plans are ideal for developers who are developing various SharePoint Apps or small businesses that use SharePoint with custom applications.

Display List with More than 5000 Items in a List View

Quite often there would be a need to display more than 5000 items in SharePoint, which is not allowed by many hosted environments.  To overcome this, you could try our Flex (Semi) Dedicated plans for as little as $249 per month, with unlimited users and full access to Central Admin.